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I'm Andrew

A bilingual entrepreneur and new Ryerson Business Technology Management (BTM) graduate. With 3 years experience in telco, 2 years in marketing, and 1 year in consulting under my belt, I take pride in being an avid lifelong learner, and have a knack for problem solving.

What I Do

With a business degree and a passion for technology, I have picked up an innovative skillset.

Brand & Business Strategy

Working with like-minded individuals, I started the advisory practice in FoundU to lead small businesses onwards to grow and follow their goals.


A keen eye for capturing still moments in life to cherish; Enjoys travel, landscape, aerial, and & astro photography.


Campaigns, campaigns, campaigns. This isn't an election, it's a very effective marketing tactic to reach your target audience or demographic. SEO, SMO, PPC, you name it.

Web Design

From wireframes to hosting, I love building websites. The perfect website has to be tailored to meet the business' or individual's needs and must give the first impression that lasts.


Being technologically apt, I code Android apps in Android Studio, Websites in Dreamweaver and a lot in between. I am well versed in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, SQL, and Python.

Recent Works

The so-called portfolio.


Marketing Agency

What started as a student entrpreneurial operation quickly progressed into a small business marketing firm. The clients we work with have the ambition to stay competitive in their industry and continue to innovate no matter what lands in their way. Marketing plays a paramount role in their success. This is what drives us at FoundU because client success is always our top priority.

Torrance Barrens


Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preserve in Southern Ontario. I often visit to stargaze as it is close to home.

Green Dales Property Maintenance

Web Development & Strategy

My first client with FoundU. We offer them web design, development, marketing, and strategy services.


Travel Photography

Skógafoss waterfall in Iceland. I spent 4 days travelling southern Iceland and plan on revisiting soon!

Lake of Two Rivers


Near Algonquin Park in Southern Ontario, a common campground for my buddies and I.

Balamban Bay

Travel Photography

Balamban Bay in the Philippines. I spent two weeks discovering the most common Philippine islands by boat and plane.


Travel Videography


Travel Videography


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